Online Personal Trainer: More Than Just Fitness Training

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Everybody has different abilities and goals when it comes to exercise. This could be anything, from having an old injury that requires special exercises to being comfortable with only certain kind of workouts. One of the prime reasons that someone should have a Online Personal Trainer is that they are trained in teaching others how to exercise and eat right. And exercise is only a part of fitness; with nutrition and lifestyle playing a vital role in the overall picture, you need to get all this right to reach your goals.

So, a trainer is only for those who can go to the gym, right? Or only for those who are new to working out? Not true at all! Online Personal training is useful to all in various ways as you will see:

  • Correct form: Have you been working out but finding yourself with injuries more often than not? Well, you may just need someone to check your form so that you are getting the best out of your workout, and that’s where having a trainer helps.
  • Specific Requirements: Are you new to the fitness world? Have you been around but fell off due to injury? Or you may be an advanced gym-goer, looking to up your game…Whatever it is, the right kind of diet and workout makes all the difference; and who better than a trainer to help you with this?
  • Accountability:So you have been slacking off on your gym time? Or you did make it to workout but felt bored and left halfway? You can be certain that a personal trainer will not let these moments occur and will find ways to get you up and moving!
  • No Wasted Time = Maximum Results: Often, when you are new to workouts, you find yourself picking anything from the internet to follow or going to the gym and doing whatever is easiest. Does that lead to results you want? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing’s for sure, not having a plan can sure delay you from reaching your goal. And as the process stretches longer, you get frustrated and finally, give up. A trainer can help by making a plan around things you enjoy doing, so that you stick to it.
  • It’s Not Just Fitness They Help With: Have you tried numerous diets, recommended by friends or colleagues, to no avail? You follow the diet that has worked for someone else, not realizing that it is not a one size fits all.  The trainer will create a diet plan for you, based on your eating habits, so you can follow it and make it as a part of your lifestyle. They will motivate you towards your goal daily.

Fitness2Flash now offers Online personal training. This is not like the regular training you know of. What makes it different is

  • Woman to woman based– You can share your personal health issues, whether PCOD, thyroid, post pregnancy weight issues, and be rest assured that the trainer is going to understand and work through them as she herself goes through similar issues.
  • It is online and offers flexible workout plans– which means you don’t need to go to the gym to meet the trainer. You can explain your interests of workouts and the trainer will guide you on how to organize these whilst also systematically working on your fitness goals. Whether you can manage only home workouts or are pressed for time, you can be sure that our trainers will work it out for you.
  • We offer diet plans– not the ones that you can manage only till you get bored of, or which are unsustainable when living in a joint family. No. F2F trainers will design a plan especially for you, based on your lifestyle, food preferences and your goal. Which means, you will easily be able to follow it, without disrupting your schedule.

A quick word from our trainers:

What experiences from your own journey, will help you train others reach their goals? 

Vaishali: We all want to be fit. But we need a little push now and again, and direction to know where we are heading. And to top this, when your hormones are not cooperating, the situation gets worse. I have been through all of this, and I know I can help those going through the same by guiding them with things that helped me get better.

Pooja: Many women can relate to me, being a mother of young kids and a homemaker. My fitness journey started only after having kids. So, I know the struggle that every woman faces to take out time for herself, with family around. I can provide easy-to-follow solutions for these situations, from my experience.

Now that you know how having a trainer can change things for the better for your fitness journey, we encourage you to book your trainer today! Click here to choose your trainer


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