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Workout is not just about the end result, it’s about how great the process makes you feel. Don’t be so focused on the end result that you can’t enjoy the process.

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All you really need to get in fantastic shape is a set of dumbbells, yoga mat and a good pair of workout shoes.

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Thoughts about F2F


I lost 11 kgs in 4 months! Yesss! Can’t believe it myself but feels super awesome!!

This post is a BBIIIGGG thanks to F2F!!

Shilpa Singh Oberoi

After joining F2F I have enroll myself level 1,  which give me a right direction diet of workout & diet which is very helpful for me. Still I have to go long in health journey. I have reduced 10 kg of weight with inches loss from each part of body. 

Priti Prasad

The passion, the enthusiasm for fitness here is commendable. Thankyou all the F2F girls for encouraging and motivating me and everyone here, everyday with your posts and journey. More strength and power to all

Ruchi Sehgal

After joining this group magic happened ! A big shout out and thanks to Rinku shah for creating this superb platform where we are learning healthy lifestyle habits and important information on our bodies every day I have gained so much knowledge about health, food, nutrition, fitness, workouts after joining this group.

Ritu Chakravarti
Corporate Health

Healthy Workplace

We have been actively conducting Corporate Health Plans, online, and offline events with many esteemed organizations… Including the Indian Coast Guard Wives Association, Bank of Baroda, Amaffha,, Woodland, and many more.