Stay Fit This Diwali

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The festive time of the year is here! And while preparations are in full swing, the thought of how to make it past this season without undoing the hard work you have put in through the year, must have surely crossed your mind.

Don’t fret; Fitness2Flash has got this covered for you. We definitely don’t recommend cutting the fun out (festivals, food, fun – it’s all a part of life – enjoy it!). We suggest making certain small changes, as mentioned below, that will allow you to enjoy guilt free.

  1. Choose your Food wisely: Yes, it’s Diwali. Yes, food is an important part of the social gatherings. And yes, you can eat wisely, without seeming rude to your host. Choose healthy, whole food options – salads, soups, grilled or roasted starters as against the processed or deep fried variety. Eat in moderation- portion control is one thumb rule never to be forgotten.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated:Amidst all the fun and hectic schedules, drinking enough water gets skipped off very easily. Ensure to carry a water bottle with you at all times, and keep sipping on it. This will keep you from snacking unnecessarily, binge eating and from getting dehydrated during this busy time.
  3. Prepare sweets at home: If time permits, this would be the best thing to do. Making sweets at home gives you control over what you put in while preparing them. You can always trade the refined sugar and flour for healthy alternatives, which will save you many unwanted calories.Get healthy and creative in the kitchen!
  4. Never skip meals:Although you will find yourself pressed for time often, ensure you don’t skip your meals or you won’t bother about nutritious eating when the hunger gets to you. Another common practice is skipping a meal prior to a big family dinner or such. Avoid this, as you will just end up eating mindlessly during the dinner, to satiate the hunger you have built up.
  5. Savour each bite of the sweet you eat:You are bound to taste sweets while visiting relatives. But that doesn’t mean you wipe out a bunch of them in a row. Enjoy the piece you have picked up and savour each bite, avoid inhaling it down. This definitely is not your last place of visit for the season so keep place (or calories) for the others! Set a trend by gifting health- a box of dry fruits, instead of sugary treats this Diwali.

In addition to all this, try and make a little time for yourself. Exercising for 20-30 minutes a day is more than enough to keep your fitness streak going. Opt for any short, home work out from F2F, which won’t compromise on time with your family and friends this festive season.

Above all, just have a good time and don’t stress too much about it all. Do your best, stay active and get back into your routine with a bang later.

Team Fitness2Flash wishes you and your family a very happy Diwali! May you be blessed with happiness, health and prosperity always!

Diwali special: Here are some healthy cheats for your sweets to get you started! Have fun!

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