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Our Mission

To empower and connect 1 Million women toward a healthier world


Who's behind Fitness2Flash ?

Rinku Shah founded F2F in 2015 after her own health struggles. Realizing the importance of overall well-being, she started off on her own health and fitness journey, which in turn fueled her desire to help others struggling with their health. Rinku’s goal is to encourage women to take care of their health and live the life of their dreams- healthy, fit, and happy, is something that F2F works towards daily and each transformed life is one step closer to the goal.


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WHAT WE want you to do

Enjoy the journey

Workout is not just about the end result, it’s about how great the process makes you feel. Don’t be so focused on the end result that you can’t enjoy the process.

It need not be expensive

All you really need to get in fantastic shape is a set of dumbbells, yoga mat and a good pair of workout shoes.

Pass it on

When you achieve success please pass on your knowledge by sharing. Motivate someone to be a part of this beautiful fitness journey.