6 Diet Myths Busted

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Are you religiously following diet tips you receive from anyone and everyone, yet don’t seem to see the desired result? You are not alone in this. There are so many diet advice’s that it can be difficult to figure out which ones are true. Those tips you have been following may be the exact reason why you have not even inched towards your goal yet.

So, here are those diet tips that do you no good, and if you are following them, STOP now!

Skipping breakfast

It is never a good idea to skip any meal, especially breakfast. Having a very light breakfast could actually result in you eating more later in the day. Have a good breakfast, as your metabolism is at its best then and doing so will help in balancing your calorie intake through the day. If lack of time has been your reason for skipping out, prepare beforehand or wake up earlier, now that you know how imperative a proper breakfast is to your fitness journey. Check out quick breakfast recipes.

Replacing meals with juices

This one has been around for ages. But what many do not realize is that when you juice up your fruits and vegetables, you end up with the sugar from them and lose out on the fiber. And since you don’t exactly feel full for long, you land up snacking and increasing your calorie count. A better option would be to just eat the whole fruit/vegetable and drink adequate amount of water.

Eating too little

Having very little food at meals leaves you feeling hungry through the day since it contains insufficient calories and nutrients, which your body actually requires. This is also why you land up getting ill so often. Try our 7 day or 14 day meal plan which will cover your nutritional requirements, while helping you get fit the healthy way.

Over-eating healthy food

Since we have been told that we require protein or that olive oil is among the healthier choices, we sometimes tend to go overboard with the healthy food. Yes, we require these to get fit and stay healthy but moderation is always the key as these could actually make you gain weight when overdone.

Low-fat/Diet food

With the food industry joining the health brigade, you certainly will find a lot of ‘diet’ products, or ‘low-fat’ food. These typically land up having preservatives and hidden sugars, so ensure that you read the label well before blindly assuming it is healthy.

Cheat day

Having an entire day of cheats can really throw you off track, undoing your progress of the week. What you should practice instead is having a cheat meal, typically less than 500 calories, once a week. Plan in advance and enjoy! Don’t make it a whole day of gluttony though!

And last but not the least: enjoy your healthy diet and the lifestyle you have embarked on. If you are not truly happy with the way you are living, you will never really land up shedding the weight and keeping it off.

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