Perfect Approach To Sculpting Your Abs

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Every other woman’s desire, at some point in life is to have washboard abs. Many times, you work so hard yet are unable to sculpt your mid-section. Check if you are committing these common workout mistakes that could be hindering your six-pack journey.

1. Crunching away

You can keep doing crunches all you like, but you need to realize that this alone will never be sufficient in helping you reach your goal. You do not need to give up doing them completely; include them as part of a well-structured workout routine, working all your abdominal muscles- obliques, transverse, lower and upper abs and you will be on your way to washboard abs soon. Try our Abs blaster for best results.

2. Engaging your core only during abs routine

It is easy to believe that you need to work your abs only on the day you are actually training them. But, the fact remains that you are working this region even while training other body parts (think compound movements- dead lifts, squats, pull ups…) Engage your core while exercising and also other times, while sitting, standing, working; do not let your tummy hang loose. Engaging your core will contribute to strengthening your middle out of the gym too.

 3. Abs routine in the beginning of your workout

Leave your ab circuit for the end of your workout. Avoid starting with it as every exercise requires you to engage your core. If you begin the workout with an abs routine, you will find yourself nearly exhausted during the other moves, as your mid section is already worn out.

 4. Working your abs daily

To attain that perfectly sculpted middle, you may assume doing an abs routine daily is the way to go. This couldn’t be more further from the truth. You need to give time to your muscles to rest and recover and only then will you see any kind of progress.

5. Out-training a bad diet

No matter how much you workout, you need to accept the fact that if your diet is not clean, you are not going to see results. You need to be eating healthy for your abs to show, or those hours of exercise will all be in vain. Remember, abs are made in the kitchen. Conversely, you cannot expect to see those perfect abs if you are not working out at all; just a diet cannot let you sculpt your body the way you want.


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