Your Guide To Choosing The Best Protein Powder

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Chose the Best Protein Powder, Protein and its importance is a subject well-known to all fitness enthusiasts. In addition to high-protein foods, many rely on protein supplements for quick recovery and muscle growth. But when it comes to protein supplements, the truth remains that not all are the same in terms of the way they work. So how do you pick which protein powder is the best for you?

The main aspects to look for while choosing a protein powder among the many available in the market today should be the type, nutritional profile and flavour.

The type of protein powder:

  • Whey protein powder is the best for those looking to capitalize on quick delivery of amino acids, which aids in muscle protein synthesis and recovery. The recommended time to consume it is within half an hour of the completion of your workout.
  • An isolate product is normally suggested for a balance of quick digestion and availability.
  • Casein protein is more slowly digested. Depending on the amount you have consumed, the digestion is known to take up to 4-6 hours. It is therefore suggested that it is best to have this before bedtime, to improve overnight muscle protein synthesis.
  • Other protein powders like egg, soy, brown rice, pea, and hemp are inferior, when compared to the others, unless they include added leucine (check the label for this).

Nutritional profile:

Do check the nutritional profile before purchasing the product- one which is lower in fat and carbohydrates and higher in protein will be the best choice.


Always pick a flavour which you know will taste good, a tried and tested one, else you are bound to allow it to go waste at the back of your cupboard! Ask what your peers use or read reviews about the product to get a better idea, if you are unsure.

Protein powders are not a substitute for diet and exercise to achieve weight loss, so be mindful of the same, while choosing to add it to your diet. Also, you would not require protein powder in case you do not work out, so refrain from consuming the same in this case. A word of caution to those with kidney or other such health issues: kindly check with your doctor before starting off with protein powder consumption.

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