Every Ladies Worry – Belly Fat

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Remember and Work on the below points to reduce your Belly Fat faster

1. There is nothing as Spot reduction, so just working your abs everyday will only give you disappointment and no result. Do full body workout and try our Abs Blaster workout 3 times a week.

2. Your Body decides 100% percent where to lose the Fat from … so plan a overall workout which you can follow for at-least 3 months to see the results.

3. Choose what you really want Weight loss or Fat loss – only Fat loss will give those Abs which you are looking for . Body Fat loss should be your goal.

4. Stop doing Crunches – all you are doing is hurting your back and making your trump area look even bigger. Planks, Stomach Vacuum, Squats, Dead lift and Lunges are some exercise which work great for your Abs. Weight training is the best option our F2F workout is a great start to weight training at home.

5. Diet plays the most important role during this journey … Small high protein meals is what you need. We have specially designed 7 days and 14 days vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet plan as per your weight range.

6. Stop having Sugar and also Fruits for at least first 4 weeks of your workout plan. Or at least avoid it for 6 days a week and cheat 1 day –  more insights check our blog Fruit consumption

Start today…

Happy Health!


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