How To Enjoy That Drink Yet Stay Fit

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If you were asked to list the things that seem so difficult to cut out from your diet whilst working towards a healthy you, a cold beer, a tall glass of wine or even just a chilled fruity cocktail may find its way somewhere on your list. And as much as we would like to stay within our calorie limit, we tend to downplay the ruckus regular drinking can create on our healthy diet and in turn, land up with a whole lot of unnecessary calories in the process.

As we know, weight loss can happen only when more calories are burned off than consumed. Alcoholic beverages can be very high in calories and therefore, can easily lead to weight gain. That’s not to say that a drink or two once in a while is going to be the sole reason for your weight gain, but if you aren’t careful, certain additions to it or increased consumption of it can easily add up hundreds of calories. Unlike protein, fat, and carbs, alcohol has empty calories with no nutritional value. So, it becomes the first fuel to be used, putting the fat-burning process on hold.

So, does this mean that you give up alcohol altogether on this journey? Not really. Just like all other cheats, choose wisely! This list should help you through those social events without compromising on your tastes entirely.

The best among the rest:

  • Light beer: If you are one who cannot live without that can of beer at gatherings, fret not. Most top beer brands have a light beer variant that averages around 100 calories per bottle or can. Select one of those to avoid that beer belly later.
  • Club Soda: Club soda is a wonderful mixer as it is calorie free. Instead of sweetened juices, throw in a lime for some flavour with the soda, and you have a low-calorie beverage to sip on all night!
  • Wine: Wine lovers! Wine makes it to the good alcohol list! But not the sweet kind- those have an additional 100 odd calories per glass compared to dry wines. Opt for dry wine, and while you are at it, consider going red, as it has heart health benefits.
  • Straight Alcohol: If you can manage your drink with minimal mixers, you will be doing your waistline good. But if that’s too intense for you, add some club soda with lime…that would be a much wiser choice as against processed juices.

Drinks to avoid while on a diet:

  • Margaritas: Margaritas are super sweet and tempting. But they sure are brimming with calories! Many have found that a good trade in for this one is tequila on the rocks with a splash of lime juice.
  • Pina Coladas: With a couple of glasses of these that you can mindlessly sip on, you would have taken in more than 400-500 calories! Its delicious ingredients are a combination of calories, fat and sugar. An alternative could be unsweetened coconut water (instead of the cream) with rum and a little pineapple juice.
  • Long Island Iced Teas: Over 200 calories worth in just 8oz of this drink- the direct link to your weight gain. Many swear by unsweetened tea with vodka and a splash of lime juice as a replacement.
  • Sangria & Cocktails: Cocktails and sangria include an abundance of sugar. You may actually be led to think that the fresh fruit would mean nutrition, but that’s not it…It is best to avoid these or limit it, once in a while.

So there you have it. Your cheat list of substitute alcohol, so you can work on your fitness goals, without sacrificing your favourites entirely.

Cheers to good health!!

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