Beating The Holiday Weight Gain

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So… you have made great progress with your workout and diet. You can see change and you are all charged up to push further. And then it happens- that holiday break! You are worried you will gain back the weight you lost and land up at the starting point.

Sounds familiar? Well, far too many people complain about piling back on the lost weight while travelling and believe there is not much that can be done. But this is not entirely true.

While your travels may be a time for a break in routine, don’t let that be an excuse to let go. With so many easy, fun ways to stay fit, you won’t be sacrificing as you think you have to.

Here are few tips to get you through your holiday without regrets of going overboard.

Stay active:

Whether it is taking a walk/ jog around the neighborhood or opting for climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, make a conscious decision to stay active through your holiday. Walking or cycling is a great way to get a workout in while sight-seeing as well. Make use of the pool or the gym in your hotel, if any. If all this seems unmanageable, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is your best bet! A little space is all you need to torch 250+ calories in 30 minutes! And without the need for any equipment, you really have no excuse to not fit your workout in your day!

Learn a new activity:

Try rock climbing, hiking, water sports that challenge your body and other such adventure packed activities, to keep yourself moving whilst learning something new. It definitely won’t feel like exercise and you can involve the whole family too- double the fun!

Plan ahead and pack snacks:

The worst food choices are generally made when you are hungry. The problem with opting for sweets/junk as a meal is that you will be craving more of it again in no time; you will not feel full. The best thing you can do to avoid such a situation is to pack in some healthy snacks like fruits, nuts and seeds, or peanut butter toast, so you’re never without a healthy option, in case your meals are far spread on the trip. All the same, try and keep your meal timings constant, so you are not tiring yourself out due to hunger and lack of energy.

Watch your alcohol intake:

It is obvious that you are going to indulge while on holiday. And a couple of drinks may not really throw you off track as much. But it is a good idea to watch what you are having as these too contain calories and all these calories do add up. Eat something before going out for drinks. Check out our blog on choosing your drink for healthy options.

Master the buffet table:

The innumerable options at the buffet table can be over whelming, especially if you’re trying to make healthy choices. Fill half of your plate with salads or veggies, and then help yourself to the protein-rich foods like meats, fish, paneer and beans. You can definitely enjoy a serving of pasta or rice- a whole grain option like quinoa or brown rice is your safe bet. Our blog on eating out and staying fit will help you in this. 

Indulge wisely:

A vacation isn’t an excuse to eat high-calorie foods all day. That said, sampling local specialties is a pleasurable part of any trip, so feel free to indulge in them but in moderation. Choose foods the area is known for, so you don’t feel you are missing out.

Drink water:

You often feel hungry and crave sweets when all you actually need is some water. And all that travelling and walking about can leave you parched. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle with you and stay hydrated!

Of course there will be treats, sweets and splurges. Enjoy each bite, every moment there and savour it. After all, you are on holiday! Just have fun and do the best you can. Every bit counts!

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