Reverse Hair Washing

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Reverse Hair Washing…Have We Been Washing Our Hair Wrong?

The premise behind reverse hair washing is to help reduce the residue that remains in your hair from the conditioner. Going about it the “normal” way so to speak, when you wash with shampoo first and then use conditioner, most people end up not completely rinsing out the conditioner. When this happens, you end up weighing the hair down, which in some cases can cause your hair to become lifeless, flat or have no volume. Reversing gives you all the benefits of a great conditioner, minus the residue, leaving you with locks of volume and bounce!

So how do you do this?

You want to make sure that you get your hair thoroughly wet. Disperse the conditioner throughout your hair. Keep it in your hair for a few minutes. After about 5 minutes, you want to apply the shampoo, WITH THE CONDITIONER STILL in your hair. The shampoo is what helps to remove the conditioner.Wash and rinse as normal.

IMPORTANT Tips: If you have a lot of product in your dirty hair. You must brush your hair before washing it. Doing this will loosen any hair product(s) you have in your hair, along with helping to detangle. It will also allow you work in the conditioner more easily!

You must make sure your hair is very wet.Use a great conditioner; The conditioner needs to stay on the hair for at least 5 minutes. A quick in and out won’t do the job.

Drying – If you notice, most salons don’t towel dry your hair. There is a reason for this. Towels will make your hair frizzy. I suggest a cotton t-shirt to absorb some of the moisture first.

How Often: Considering you will be new to this, we don’t think this is something that you implement every time you wash your hair. Instead, you want to apply as a Sunday hair wash or any day of your choice, as conditioning your hair after shampooing does have some significant benefits IF YOU USE IT THE CORRECT WAY!

Do try it out 💓

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