Blinc Vegan and Homemade Cosmetics

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We at BLINC believe that beautiful skin requires commitment and patience. Not a Miracle.

Knowing that I was eating right, exercising regularly and overseeing my stress levels, my skin and hair seemed to have an unstable mind of their own. I decided to follow my grandmother’s advice- “Never apply anything to your skin that you cannot eat, or inhale”-my grandmother once told me.

A month went by; a month of staying away from the synthetic face washes, shampoos and lotions and using substitutes made of locally sourced ingredients. My life changed completely after eliminating those chemicals that I didn’t even know affected my overall health, until I decided to step away from them. I’ve been vigilant about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and knowing the source of my food. However, I was not aware about what I put ON my body matters as much as what I put IN it.

As an apology to mother nature and myself, I built a unique brand- BLINC Vegan and homemade cosmetics with an organic approach to personal care products. All our products are handmade in small batches of 10-15 products at a time, ensuring premium quality with each product.

We currently have a total of 43 products ranging from Body Care, Hair Care, Face Care to Nourishing Oils and More. Our diverse selection of products provides you with many options to choose from so that you can make an informed decision. If you need any information of how your product has been made, you can get in touch with us and we will provide you with all the necessary details. Our handpicked ingredients are sourced locally or made at home, to ensure superior quality.

Hair Care: packed with all essential nutrients that your hair needs to behave healthy, our Hair Oils will infuse life into your locks and heal your scalp naturally, also try our Floral Shampoos will leave you feeling gorgeous and your bathroom smelling splendid.

Skin Care: 

  • We have Face Masks for different types of skin. These face masks are freshly prepared and offer a punch of glow to your face.

  • Young at Heart”- skin plumping night cream is packed with anti-oxidants and fatty acids from natural resources that help you treat pigmentation, discoloring issues, open pores and fine lines and wrinkles on your face naturally.

Body Care:  Floral Body Cleansers, Natural and moisturizing Body Scrubs and Body Masks will leave you feeling gorgeous and your bathroom smelling splendid.

Eye Care: tired of puffy eyes and dark circles? Try out our bestselling Eyes speak louder-under eye gel. Made with soothing aloe-vera and hydrating vitamin E, eyes speak louder will heal and hydrate the sensitive skin near your eyes.

Feet care: Have cracked feet? Try out our Quick Healing Balm-a natural way to pamper your feet with healing oils and butters.

Personal and home care: Non-alcoholic Room Freshners and Hand Sanitizer are few quirky additions to our product list.

Because our decisions have a lasting impact, we make them thoughtfully. We’re transparent about how we make our products, what ingredients we use and how these ingredients can help you lead a toxic-free life.

 A passion for helping others live a natural life is what drives us.

You can get your hands on these and many more products by placing an order with us at Amazon, Instagram, Facebook or through our Website or call/text us at +91-9599932171.


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